On a daily basis, cyclists are at risk on the road. The Department for Transport figures show that  in 2012, 3.222 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads and the Guardian even went as far to refer to road cycling as an ‘extreme sport’. In Belfast, there are very few cycle lanes and, as a keen cyclist myself, it became ever more apparent that there is no respect or awareness for cyclists.
With all this in mind, I decided to create an ambient media campaign with the aim of creating a safer environment for cyclists and encouraging motorists to respect the space of cyclists on the roads. The campaign combines safety with attention – the cyclist wears a Visi-Vest with a very clear and succinct message so that, even at a glance, drivers will be able to glean the information.
The copy itself is direct, conversational and playful; the words are based around the idea that cyclists are not protected in the same way that a driver in a car is –they are much more vulnerable within the flow of traffic. The humorous tone should hopefully encourage a bit of healthy banter and discourage any aggression on the road.
As well as the visi-vests, I also designed Post-its as a giveaway for cyclists. In the UK, it is commonplace for drivers to actually park in cycle lanes, forcing the cyclists to overtake the cars. Why not stick a Post-it note to their windscreen? It’s a gentle reminder that cycle lanes are there for a reason… If a motorist reads it and laughs, the message has been computed and at least he’ll take care in the future.
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