Hello! I’m Sarah Pannasch, a Graphic Designer and Photographer currently working for Big Motive, a design and innovation studio in Belfast Northern Ireland.
I’m from Southern Germany and grew up at the foot of the Alps. I spent a lot of my time riding horses, swimming in lakes and climbing mountains. Whilst I miss Bavaria sometimes, after living the past seven years in Northern Ireland it has become my second home.
I studied in Augsburg at the University for Applied Sciences which has a great heritage in design, giving me traditional typographic skills, even writing with ink and quill! I take a black and white approach, once I get stuck into something I’m totally committed with all my passion and energy focused on the project. I really love working in a team of "doers”.
In my free time I am an adrenaline seeker, taking on jumps on cross country courses with horses. Over the last years I picked up Eventing and can't wait for the next season to start.
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