The 1st of February 1987 is the date of the patent registration for the Golden Bear, a true celebrity from Germany, now known almost all over the world. This date is considered the high point in the history of Haribo. In 1922 Hans Riegel from Bonn had an idea, which was literally worth gold: he created the great grandfather of today’s gold bear and started a sweet success story.
For the title I have written the date in German words which shows at first glance the stage of the story. The opening pages of the booklet give the translation of the title, with the Booklets text in two languages.

The two booklets are contained in a golden envelope, which gives a visual introduction to the topic. The large booklet tells the story of the Golden Bear. A timeline at the top serves to guide and lead the reader through the entire booklet. The smaller booklet is about the connection between bears and humans. Without stealing the attention of the main publication, it should offer a little insight into the fascination humans have with bears.
The used Fonts for the Headings is VAG Rounded. A Typeface that is linked with Germany as it was originally designed for the German automobile company Volkswagen. Due to its rounded edges it is soft and fits well with the sweets.

The body copy is Avenir from Frutiger. In 1988, it was released and since then it has been - just like Futura - widely used throughout Germany. The English text is set in Avenir book and the German in Avenir Light. This creates a slight visual difference.

Typographical peculiarity in my work are primarily the “handmade” fonts, which I designed in various ways from Haribo sweets. The result is an optical bridge to the content of sweets. In the assortment there is even a Haribo jelly alphabet that I used for large set quotes, as double page spreads.
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